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Chairperson, Akiko Ikeda attended the US-Japan CSO Forum in Washington, D.C. She made a presentation on "community-based development" at one of the panel sessions. Here is the manuscript.
Rummage Send us your used stuff new
The Mindoro Office of the 21st Century Association has a small 'Sari-Sari Shop' or variety store. Donate your rummages to help our Mindoro Office raise funds for schooling of our scholars.
Please send the aid goods directly to our Mindoro Office in the Philippines. International surface mail at the post office is recommended (when sending from Japan).
Things that are appreciated Second-hand clothes (Especially T-shirts and geans. Long sleeves are OK, but we don't need thick winter wears. Underware is also accepted.)
Stationery (Notebooks, pencils, pens, color pencils, crayons, etc.)
Dishes (Dishes, cups, spoons, forks, kitchenware)
Everyday goods(tablecloth, sheets, blankets, curtains, towels, bags, etc.)
Musical instruments (guitar, flute, harmonica, ocarina, keyboard, etc.)
Others (Used lipsticks, cosmetics, accessories, toys, clocks, watches, etc.)
Anything of the like are welcome. Things don't have to be brand new.
Where to send The Japanese office cannot accept the things. Kindly send the aid stuff directly to our Mindoro Office as shown below.
For details on Postal Services originating from Japan, click here
Address Mr. Hiroyuki Kawashima
21st Century Association
Santa Cruz, Occidental Mindoro


We collect post cards.
We are collecting official post cards (Japanese kansei-hagaki; not used, written or unwritten) as help to our insufficient income. The official post cards (kansei-hagaki) will be exchanged at the post office for new ones and used for our correspondence.

Where to send the cards : Akiko Ikeda/ 21st Century Association
2-68-14 Sandamachi, Hachioji, Tokyo

Contact us :