"Nandeyanen" is the monthly newsletter published by our Mindoro Office.
"Nandeyanen" means "Why is it?" in Japanese Kansai dielect. It represents the sentiment of our young Japanese volunteers when they encounter cultural differences.


Edition Contents Published PDF file
No. 5
Are Filipinos the Happiest People?!(Hiro Kawashima)
Challenge of Children in Pakpak
Dreaming to Become a "Mechanic"(Reah Barraca)
Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!(Jossie)
One Lesson From Satsu(Satsuki Kunikane)
Seeking the Better Performance
Bulletin Board
From the editor (Shinya Shigaki)
January 2002
No. 4
The Power to Forgive(Hiro Kawashima)
My Santa. Cruz with The 21st Century Association(Lenie Alafriz)
Change through my study(Reah Barraca)
Study for Better Life(Louisa Cawayan)
All Scholars of the 21st Century Association One lesson from Satsu(Satsuki)
December 2001
No. 3
Education as a Best Safety Net(Hiro Kawashima)
Seek Your Best Match(Satsuki Kunikane)
New World(Wilfredo Bernardo)
Friends(Arlene Bernardo)
We Thank for Your Donation!
Bulletin Board
What's "Nandeyanen"? (Shinya Shigaki, Editor)
November 2001
No. 2
Development as enthusiasm (Hiro)
Interview with "Kuya Ding"(Satsu)
Journey to Manila (Mila)
My Family (Precilla)
One Lesson 'How to take a bath'(Satsuki)
Bulletin Board
Editor's Comment (Shinya)
October 2001 PDF (275KB)
No. 1 Is School Uniform Necessary? (Hiro)
My Mission (Hermie)
As 'Ate' of Our Scholars (Reah)
My New Life With The Association (Jossie)
One Lesson 'How to wash your hands'(Satsuki)
Bulletin Board
Editor's Comment (Shinya)
September 2001 PDF (274KB)

Editor: Shinya Shigaki
Associate Editor: Satsuki Kunikane
Writing Editor: Hiroyuki Kawashima

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